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Messy, Luminous, Being Podcast

Dec 9, 2019

Have you ever felt low on energy or a sense of fulfilment and wondered what was going on? Have you ever had that sense that something isn't working, but you weren't sure what was wrong? Have you ever felt like you were out of balance with yourself but didn't know how you could ever find balance within the messy busy life you were living? If so, you are going to love this conversation with Lucy Bishop. Her journey through burnout in the corporate world and the many practices she used to recreate a mindful, grounded and balanced life is one so many of us can relate to. Lucy now works as a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach. Inspired by an approach of nourishment, not deprivation, Lucy empowers women to build strong, healthy relationships with food, their bodies & minds so they can feel healthy, confident and energised.