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Messy, Luminous, Being Podcast

Aug 27, 2019

We think we're complicated. And our problems feel complicated too. So it's really hard to grasp how a simple practice could profoundly shift all of that. But life has a great way of teaching up what we need to know. In this episode I reflect on a recent experience that reminded me that the simplest solutions are...

Aug 20, 2019

In this episode, Caz Hitchcock shares how walking the dog became her favourite meditation practice, how yoga helped her through a recent relapse of an old injury, and so much more...

Aug 20, 2019

We want to take time for ourselves. We know it's important. And yet, despite our best intentions, it gets pushed to the background of our lives. In this episode, I talk about the three biggest reasons I think we don't take time for ourselves and the most effective way we can change that.

Aug 20, 2019

In this first episode, I talk about the inspiration behind Messy Luminous Being, what you find when you let go of all the stuff you need to be for other people, and why you don't need to earn time for yourself.